At first mention, many people immediately assume that resentment in the workplace has to do with the emotions some individuals experience over certain people getting promotions or raises instead of themselves. In some cases this does apply, however there is also a much more insidious way in which the emotion of resentment enters the playing field, particularly for those in leadership positions.

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“When it comes to how employees feel about their employers, the big theme in this year’s study is trust – or a lack of it. What’s going on here?” - Harvard Business Review, discussing the APA’s recent Work and Well-Being Survey, which found that fully 25% of Americans don’t trust their employers

Do you consider yourself to be a trustworthy leader? Do you think the people you lead believe you have their best interests at heart?

Year-end is just around the corner for those of us that close out the year on September 30th. That means it’s time to assess our accomplishments and reward employees for their work. Assessing the business for me is not just about growing the top line, although that is critically important. But there are other measures we need to consider.

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Peter Friedman, CEO, LiveWorld

Last year I went down to Miami to an annual summit of global chief marketing officers. Working with these CMOs and aspiring CMOs, I was impressed. They all believed in the value of social media long-term, engaged relationships with customers to produce a rich value chain: real-time marketing and insight, higher-quality, yet lower-cost customer service and support, and long-term revenue growth. Ten, even five years ago, such a group of CMOs would not have looked at the world this way – despite the fact that social media marketing has been a tool for commerce since the days of the medieval marketplace.

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Tony DiCostanzo, President, BookPal

The world of e-commerce is continually evolving. Business to business (B2B) online revenue is rapidly catching up business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce revenue, with B2B expected to reach $800 billion to $1 trillion in 2014—creating a paradigm shift that provides exciting opportunities for online sellers ahead of this shift to either take advantage of it, or fall behind as their competitors embrace the growing online B2B opportunity.


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