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When senior leaders consistently make good decisions, little else matters; when they make bad decisions, nothing else matters. Effective decision-making stands at the center of executive leadership and organizational success. As leaders climb the ladder to top positions, others call on them regularly to solve problems and occasionally to make decisions. At the top, these two critical functions define most of a leader’s day—the crucibles of destiny—the leader’s and the organization’s. Each time leaders engage in either, they stand at a pivot—a turning point that will take the company in directions that will contribute to success or demise.

the ceo magazine, leadership
Dan Gregory & Kieran Flanagan, Authors, Selfish, Scared & Stupid

Today leaders are largely defined by two characteristics: an aptitude for making hard decisions; for reading situations and demonstrating credible judgment whilst amplifying certainty, and secondly, an ability to influence others; to persuade, to inspire and to shift hearts and minds.

Both of these characteristics are informed by a leader’s capacity for insight, their understanding of what drives human behavior.

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By Joe De Sena, CEO, Spartan Race

My father once told me that if I wanted to get rich I should invent things that make life easier for people. It’s all about comfort and convenience, he’d say. It made enough sense at the time, but it wasn’t until I discovered a love for endurance racing that I understood the flaw with our climate-controlled culture. We’d gone soft as a species.

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Men experiencing contraction pains has proven popular in Jinan, China. In fact, Jinan Aima Maternity Hospital opened its “Pain Experience Camp” in November, and in a misguided attempt to show solidarity with their pregnant wives, more than three hundred men have signed up to experience the electric shock meant to simulate the sensation of childbirth.

the ceo magazine, entrepreneurship
Wendy Raizin, Founder & Designer at Raizin Design

While working as an investment banker within New York’s famous financial district, I made the bold decision to pursue my creative eye through interior design. Since launching my business, Raizin Design, LLC, in 2002, I have turned my passion into profit by making a name for myself as a “designer for the stars,” creating and executing high-end home designs for the likes of Hollywood director Judd Apatow.


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