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Dr. JP Pawliw-Fry

After Hurricane Irene and Superstorm Sandy destroyed property and lives, New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo established a commission to investigate the response, preparation, and management of New York’s power utility companies during these major storms that impacted the state. A short time later, Julie Howard, CEO of Navigant Consulting, learned that a newspaper was running a story about her company and its connection to this investigation.

Julie was shocked: The article was questioning Navigant’s work with the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA). Worse yet, these allegations were going to be investigated by federal prosecutors, who would determine if criminal charges would be filed against Navigant. Julie knew her company had not engaged in any wrongdoing, but the damage to Navigant’s reputation from this article - and investigation - could be significant.

Once every two years a committed, vocal group of small business owners gather at the Small Business Congress presented by the National Small Business Association to help set priorities for advocacy. This year the conference was held in Phoenix and it lived up to its promise to bring together the true voice of small business. Those who attended from across the country had the chance to listen to leading policy experts from across the country about some of the issues that we all face every day.

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Richard Milam, CEO, EnableSoft Inc.

Unless you are in the accounting field, the chances are good that this March you’ll be struggling alongside millions of other business leaders who are rushing to file their 2014 taxes on time. This can be a time of great panic as you or your finance team rush to get documentation together in order to meet tight deadlines. Besides late penalties, there are real opportunity costs to this sort of frenetic tax preparation process. Last-minute tax help is expensive, for one. Moreover, every minute you spend preparing taxes yourself or managing others takes time away from managing your organization.

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Peter LaMotte, Senior Vice President, LEVICK

“Transparency” is a buzzword that’s tossed around a lot, but how many CEOs and business owners truly understand what the concept entails (and support it)? To some, it means offering somewhat more information during a crisis, while maintaining a tight rein on what’s actually shared with investors, the media and the public at large.

But genuine transparency involves providing access to information people want or need, not what feels “right” to the business itself.

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Emily Frank, President, Z SKIN SYSTEMS

Taking the leap from being part of a team to leading a team can be intimidating.  I recently transitioned from being part of a team to an opportunity to take the lead in launching a skin care company called Z Skin Systems.  My experience leading up to this opportunity has been quite unique.  I started out as an attorney practicing patent litigation at one of the large law firms and after about 5 years decided I was ready for something new and went to business school.  During and since business school I have focused on business development and strategy for small companies.  Both professions have taught me some valuable lessons that apply to transitioning into a leadership role and launching a new business:


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