Three Choices That Will Make You an Accelerator

By Craig W. Ross



Accelerators can be found in every level of every organization; they get those around them to the point of realized potential more quickly and create faster, more efficient results. But, what is an Accelerator and how do you know if you can call yourself one? Here are three deliberate choices leaders can make to increase their potential, and that of their teams, to become Accelerators.

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Jennifer Kahnweiler, Author, The Genius of Opposites

In 1998 I accepted a job as a director of employee development at a utility company. I was pretty pumped with the chance to start some new initiatives. Amy was assigned as my assistant. I came full of enthusiasm and couldn’t get the words and ideas out fast enough. But the more I talked, the less Amy did. The more I revved my enthusiasm, the more disinterested she seemed.

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Raymond D. “Ray” Zinn, Author, Tough Things First

Seth Godin recently identified some reasons why CEOs can be stupid, and he almost found the central theme (almost, but not quite).

CEOs are human, and as such they fall prey to human emotions. One of the trickiest human functions is ego. In Godin’s blog, he listed power and exposure as being two ingredients that can make a CEO do stupid things. These factors tempt the ego, and any CEO with narcissistic tendencies becomes infected by his own ego. Inflated egos create barriers between the CEO and the one thing that brought him or her that power and exposure to begin with, namely people.

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Douglas Obey, Author, Money and the Human Condition

Living through the 1060's and 1070's would have convinced you that there were no difference between the sexes, but I think we have evolved since then. And while there are no absolutes between men in women in business or regarding finances there are plenty of generalities we can take a look at and how the genders differ in their views and perception of money, investments and business.

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Mike Goldman, Author, Performance Breakthrough: The 4 Secrets of Passionate Organizations

One of the big challenges I hear from CEOs all the time is, “I can’t seem to find a way to hold my team accountable”. The leadership team has seemingly productive meetings where they define priorities and assign responsibilities and then nothing gets done. Lack of accountability has a devastating impact on an organization.


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