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Chip R. Bell

A crowded Montgomery, AL city bus stopped at its usual spot and a middle-aged African-American woman boarded the bus.  As the bus pulled away, she realized every seat was taken and was prepared to take the trip on her feet.  But, something changed that stance.  Three different white men in three different locations on the bus simultaneously got up to give their seat to the woman. 

It was December 2013; exactly fifty-eight years after Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat to a white man boarding the city bus near the exact same bus stop.  It was a commentary on the unifying impact this “mother of civil rights” made through her non-violent act of courage.

Do you hate it every time you get a new phone and have to learn how to operate it?

Does the thought of Windows XP going away make you shake with fear?

Are you continuing to make products that are no longer great sellers?

Are you still employing someone that really does not perform?

the ceo magazine, leadership

In April, as decreed by the Church of England, we commemorate the life of William of Ockham, an English Franciscan friar and scholastic philosopher who has influenced modern organizational theory—but not enough. Peter Drucker’s medieval counterpart offered the observation that “entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity,” although these exact words never actually appear in his writing. Unlike Drucker’s best advice, however, modern organizational practioners have quickly forgotten or disregarded the sage counsel of the wise brother.

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Sean O'Neal, President, Adaptly

For most CEO's the world of social media is shrouded in mysteries that only their teenagers can fathom. But just as they learned to buy cable when it matured as a marketing channel and later learned to buy digital (both online and now, mobile and tablet), so too will competitive pressures have them asking their CMO's "What about social media as a marketing channel?"

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Shari Sandifer, CEO, Avant

Work is stressful. Between deadlines, budgets, meetings and managing different opinions and personalities, it’s easy to get buried under the day’s demands. And for individuals trying to balance their work lives with families and other responsibilities, it becomes all-to-easy to neglect one’s own mental, physical and spiritual well-being. While the expectation in most workplaces is that employees need to push through their workdays regardless of how they feel or what’s going on in their personal lives, research is increasingly showing that this might not be the best approach. 


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