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People frequently ask me about the advisability of testing sales people for pre-employment or succession planning. Don’t do it!

I discourage the practice for several reasons. First, the skill set of sales people differs from that of others in the organization. Certainly, the battery of tests I use would determine if a given sales professional has some of the requisite personality traits for success: high achievement drive, a willingness to overcome obstacles, a competitive attitude, an ability to bounce back from disappointment, and the talent for “reading” people and situations.

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John R. Stoker, Founder and President, DialogueWORKS, Inc.

When I wrote my book, Overcoming Fake Talk, my first editor commented, “Your first chapter focuses on the importance of results.  But every conversation book I’ve ever read always starts with a discussion about results.  So, how is yours different?” 

About eleven years ago I wrote some tips for a business publication to share some of my thoughts about what I had learned in my first fifteen years in business.  If you do the math then you will know that the business is now over 25 years old. As I was going through some old files I found the article again.

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The topic being presented today, namely telling the truth in difficult circumstances, can be a difficult one for many people, but it is something that needs to be discussed.  The statements made in the following post will not be what some people want to know, but it is ultimately what everyone needs to know.

the ceo magazine, business management,
Steve King, Chief Security Officer, Netswitch, Inc.

Did you know that cybercrime cost the global economy about $490 billion in 2014, and that the impact to corporations resulting just from the theft of intellectual property alone is estimated $170 billion? This doesn’t include any of the losses to individuals from hacking, nor does it reflect the value of credit card or personal information stolen from these hacks.


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