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To observe that Jim Kouzes has some insightful things to say about leadership is a bit like pointing out that the sun could teach us a thing or two about illumination.  In his foreword to a new book on employee engagement, Jim packs a great deal of such insight into remarkably few words when he writes:

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W. Gary Sitton, Author, Fire Up Your Startup and Keep it Up

In 2004, I taught a graduate class in the School of Engineering titled “Technical Startups”. There were 17 enrolled students, six of whom were international students. In 2014, I taught the same class with 25 students, twelve of whom were international. Currently in my spring 2015 class, eight out of the nine enrolled students are East Indian. Nearly all of the students in these three classes are graduate students in Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering and Computer Science.

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Howard Dorman, Partner, CPA, WeiserMazars LLP

How do CEOs and other C-level executives of large international companies view human rights? According to a recent survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by nongovernment organizations (NGOs) and several companies including WeiserMazars LLP, 83% of executives believe that human rights is not only a central theme at the government level, but also a major focus for businesses as well. 44% stated that a CEO is most likely to take the leading role in managing human rights issues and embedding a culture of respect for those rights within an organization.

     Today’s marketplace teems with both opportunities and competition. The way to succeed amid continuously changing circumstances, in my view, is to pursue a strategy for growth. My firm, Spector Group, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, has for years followed three distinct, but interconnected elements for strategic growth:
• Deepening relationships with current customers
• Identifying and prioritizing market opportunities
• Adopting a differentiated brand position

The strategic planning review meeting started on a downbeat note. “We just lost Acme, our biggest customer. How could this happen?” Fred, the CEO of what I’ll call Precision Manufacturing, was more sad than angry. “Acme always gave us a positive review in our annual survey. We visit them at least monthly. How could this possibly happen?”

Since there are only four reasons an established, satisfied customer will switch vendors, I said, “Let’s see if we can figure it out.”


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