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Espoused beliefs reflect those perceptions that an organization’s leaders consider “correct.” Over time, members of an organization learn that certain beliefs work to reduce uncertainty, so these beliefs gradually develop into an articulated set of norms and operational rules of behavior that serve as a guide for dealing with ambiguity or difficult events.  As new members join the organization, others influence them through education about these beliefs.

The non-stop political ads have ceased. I think everyone is happy about that. But in the week following the elections the analysis has continued. Everyone is trying to figure out how the changes will play out and if bipartisanship has a chance. There is great speculation about what we will see from the lame duck session and the 114th Session of Congress that will begin in January. Many of the small business owners I have talked to are wondering where small business ranks with the new leadership.

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David Ashen, Principal & Founder, Dash Design

Do you spend a good deal of your time travelling to service or grow your business? If so, I can definitely relate. Like many CEO's, I spend about 40 to 50 percent of my time on the road. While there are many positives to that face time with clients and new business prospects, there are also unique challenges inherent in that "push - pull" of being out of the office nearly as much as when you're in it.

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Steve Zuckerman, Managing Director, Farlie Turner

To succeed in business and in life, you need to build authentic, trusting, and mutually beneficial relationships.  It seems simple enough, but as busy executives and entrepreneurs, time is our most precious commodity.  In the absence of a cogent networking strategy, we are at risk of attending unproductive events, meetings and conferences, and mindlessly squandering our valuable time.  As such, we need to be very mindful about how and with whom we network.

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David Clegg, Managing Director, ,The HEAD Foundation

No regrets. Living one’s purpose. Leaving the world better than you found it. Being versus doing.

Are we prepared for what’s coming – what has already arrived? As a CEO, an entrepreneur, one who has traversed the planet time and again, I have found my life evolving in terms of terms, definitions, means of capturing the true meaning of life beyond physical means. It is the longest distance I have traveled, the one from my mind in its ‘infinite wisdom’ to the source of wisdom itself, my creativity that has fostered my success in the world as a leader, innovator – and most importantly, as a human being.


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