Joanna L. Krotz, Author, Being Equal Doesn’t Mean Being The Same

Women entrepreneurs and investors still aren’t in the room when venture deals get done, even as women launch businesses nearly twice as fast as male-owned firms.

About 75% of the country’s 316,600 angel investors are men, according to the Center for Venture Research. That jumps to a shocking 95% male for decision-making partners at venture capital firms, according to PitchBook, an industry researcher. Plus, those numbers are going in the wrong direction. In 1999, women accounted for 10% of VC partners, according to a Babson College study.

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Chengwei Liu & Dawn Eubanks, Associate Professors, Warwick Business School

Nepotism is detrimental to family businesses - more than 70 per cent of them fail after the first generation primarily due to poor succession decisions. Despite this well-known statistic nepotism persists, why?

One possible reason is that the family business founder may wrongly believe that their offspring, typically their son, is the most skilled candidate for the job. Consider the example of Jack, a family business owner, who is considering two candidates to succeed his position, his nephew Tom, and another non-related candidate Sam.

Michael LeBeau, CEO, Managing Partner, Founder, Scrum50

As an entrepreneur, your job is to get new concepts converted into new products or services that you can launch into the market as quickly as possible. What Six Sigma did for continuous quality improvement, the "agile" process is now doing for innovators at companies large and small.

embracing change

By Craig W. Ross


One of the biggest factors in the success of a company is its ability to be nimble and embrace change. Being able to evolve with—or even ahead of—customer needs helps keep organizations relevant and ahead of the curve. In fact, many of the leaders we work with report that 90 percent of their work is about leading effective change.

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Melissa Lamson, CEO of Lamson Consulting

Today’s business world demands a certain kind of leader—a global leader. A global leader is savvy in understanding how business works around the world. These leaders have a “global mindset” which means they’re attuned to the differing values, behaviors, and attitudes in business in other cultures and how these impact the interactions one has with others in a professional situation. To understand the importance of having a global mind-set, consider this—studies have shown that culture influences our behavior as much if not more than 70 percent.


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