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Robbie Hardy, Author, UPSETTING THE TABLE:  Women Mentoring Women.

It’s still dark outside. You can’t sleep and you’re staring at your desktop wondering “how did this happen?” How did this project, or product, go so wrong? It is over budget, behind schedule, and the scope has spiraled beyond your imagination. What went wrong? Who dropped the ball? And why are you just now learning about the problem, when it is too late to change the outcome? You say to yourself, “I am in charge, I set the direction, and I have been VERY clear how important this is! This project cannot be late and it certainly cannot be over budget!” But the facts are the facts and now all you can do is regroup, cut your losses financially, and work to appease your clients and customers.

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Conquerors tend not to enjoy a laudable place in the history books, but they do offer lessons in how to get more without settling for less. Pilots refer to PNR—the point of no return. This technical term in air navigation refers to the point in a flight at which, due to fuel consumption, a plane no longer has the capacity to return to its home base. To inspire innovation and reinvention, businesses often face a PNR too, a point in their history when they need to metaphorically burn the boats that brought them.

I have created my Rules of Communication. They pretty much are the same rules for life. Sometimes people will say that they did not know that there were rules. That excuse never works for me when I say to the nice policeman that I did not know the speed limit was 25mph. He says, here’s the ticket.

Sports is a public example of protecting one’s value or not protecting one’s value, of communicating one’s value or doing a poor job of communicating one’s own value are easy targets to point out and to pick on whether the reader is a sports enthusiast or not.

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Herb Carver, Founder & President, Point Above Consulting

Talent is a major differentiator in today’s business environment – it’s key to business outcomes, revenue, profitability, innovation, productivity, customer loyalty and quality. Unfortunately, convincing talented employees that your company is the best one for them can be a challenge. Lately, the stakes are getting higher.  

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Kristen Gramigna, CMO, BluePay

You may be a small business, but customers expect you to have the same capacity as larger companies when it comes to technology, service and overall experience. Here are four common mistakes businesses make online, and how to avoid them.


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