You’re wired to see what you already believe. It’s a simple statement but the implications for decision-making are complex. What you already believe is built layer upon layer from your experiences which create a filter through which you see the world. Good decision-making relies on understanding how your brain’s filter colors perception and influences interpretation.

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When people talk about the inner contradictions of an organization, they frequently refer to “culture,” that omnipresent word that describes all pleasant and unpleasant by-products of decisions. But they seldom identify the real problem—the decisions that create the traps. Here are ten examples of how that happens:

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Michael Stausholm, Founder & CEO, Sprout

It all started with an idea from a group of students at MIT in  Boston back in 2012. When they got the challenge of developing ”the sustainable office article of the future”, they came up with the idea of a plantable pencil with a capsule of seeds in the end. When the pencil is planted, the capsule dissolves and sprout into herbs, vegetables or flowers.

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Janice DiPietro, CEO, Exceptional Leaders International

As you execute your plan for 2016 and deal with the myriad of issues and opportunities that CEOs face every day, it is critical that your communications with your direct reports be as succinct and meaningful as possible. This article, the first in a series, addresses the most salient discussion points and expected caliber of response you should be receiving from your Chief Financial Officer.

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Bob Kelleher, Author, I-ENGAGE, Your Personal Engagement Roadmap

During the past decade, organizations have increasingly embraced employee engagement as a way to attract and retain the best employees - knowing that a culture of engagement will better position them to capture employees’ discretionary effort (and help the bottom line).


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