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“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

                                                            ~Ryunosuke Satoro, Japanese poet

Despite the recent surge in values-based, servant-oriented leadership, executives at the top are still pressured to put profits before people. Below, we offer three reasons why devotion to short-term earnings shouldn’t trump your commitment to building long-term, trust-based professional relationships.

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John McGee, CEO of OptifiNow

The days of the door-to-door computer salesman are gone. Instead, computers are now the ultimate sales tools for companies if they are using their technology resources properly. More than 15 million businesses and organizations are now part of Facebook. Many corporations also have company Twitter pages. In the corporate world, these pages are typically followed or liked by customers and employees. Companies with large customer bases and thousands of employees might have impressive numbers of likes or follows, but all too often, posts or tweets are stagnant, void of real interaction and results.

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Lisa Arie, CEO, Vista Caballo

Recent studies show the physical connections between the heart and the brain profoundly influence the decisions humans make.

This is automatic. It is also undeniable. The more effective your heart systems are, the better the higher functions of the brain will operate. The result: more intelligent decisions and a more harmonious life.

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Alvin D. Jeffery and Robin L. Jarvis

Acquiring new staff takes time, talent and money.  That makes it extra important to retain the ones you hire. Get those new hires started on the right foot!  Here are some things to remember whether you are bringing in that new Vice-President or a new software engineer:

What motivates sales managers

Sales management is expected to keep the front line—the sales team—motivated to contribute to the company’s bottom line.

But, how can someone motivate others if they themselves are not motivated?

You already know that motivation is not something you do to another. You can only motivate yourself. As the sales manager, all you can do is create an environment in which each team member motivates themselves.

So, what motivates sales managers? How do they stay motivated? We can draw valuable insights from the results of the Insigniam 2014 Middle Management Survey.


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