Art Coley Jr., CEO, The Entrepreneur’s Source

Often, people running a business at home are dismissed as hobbyists, but new research suggests that assumption is far from true.  A new analysis by Emergent Research, Homepreneurs: A Vital Economic Force, argues that home-based businesses are not only operating successfully, well established and long lasting, but also making contributions to employment and the economy.

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Dr. Alan Zimmerman, Author, The Payoff Principle: Discover the 3 Secrets for Getting What You Want out of Life and Work

As a leader, you've got to bring your people through one change after another. It's almost a part of your job description. And yet, you may have never received any training in how to do that.

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Prof. Steven Van Belleghem, Author, When Digital Becomes Human

I run a lot of workshops with business leaders based around customer centricity, and I am always delighted to hear so many managers are completely bought into the dream of making their organisation the most customer-centric company in their industry, if not the world.

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Nigel Dessau, Author, Become a 21st Century Executive

They say no one can avoid death or taxes. If you own a business here’s another one – you will not be able to avoid managing Millennials. Soon, Millennials will be 50% of the workforce and here are 3 facts that say they are different: 90% think they deserve their dream job, 50% would rather have no job than one they hate and 25% say they are satisfied with their current job.

Companies don’t grow by making a sale. They grow by attracting and retaining customers, which sometimes requires losing a battle to win the war.

I was in Atlanta to support a family member who required significant surgery and had selected the doctors at Emory’s Winship Cancer Institute for the procedures. The Atlanta location made sense, even though it was over an hour away from her home, or two and a half hours in rush hour traffic, assuming there wasn’t a major crash on the Atlanta beltway.


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