A client recently spoke at her own event. As anyone knows that has hosted an event, any event is kind of like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. It takes what either is or feels like a year’s worth of planning for an event to go off with few hitches.

So to go through the time and expense of putting on an event you want it to go well: especially if you are the speaker at your own event. You want to shine when you have created the spotlight on you.

The morning after this event my client texted me. She felt she had not been “on top of her game”.

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Gerry Reffo, Co-Author, Leadership PQ

What will they need to do?

Predicting the future is risky; nonetheless the following trends offer some clues.

Financial and Social Profit

Many global business leaders know that delivering for society also delivers for the business. Some consider this cynical. Others see it as liberating. Most people much prefer to work in a business, or buy from one that makes a profit and helps others.

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Bill Rosenthal, CEO, Logical Operations, Inc. & Communispond

Want to improve your company’s productivity?  Hold a series of virtual meetings that allow employees to suggest ways to help you meet a goal such as identifying new ways to generate revenue, controlling costs or recruiting needed talent.

You'll let employees up and down the line and across all functions provide their ideas. You’ll eliminate the travel and accommodations expenses that come with holding a traditional on-site meeting.  You’ll generate ideas from people who haven’t been encouraged to offer them --and let the workforce understand that you want everyone to participate in improving the company’s performance.

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NLP is a series of techniques that can help individuals and businesses achieve better results faster. For CEOs, NLP can be used in all day to day activities, including negotiation, selling, leadership, team management and employee engagement, as well as staying fully motivated as CEO. Given that CEOs need to inspire and motivate those around them, let’s look at how CEOs can create the environment where all staff are engaged. 
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Anne Grady, Author, 52 Strategies for Life, Love and Work

Every day, businesses of all size lose time, money and productivity when employees get sidetracked by drama due to emotional reactions to workplace situations.

As Inc. recently reported in The Shocking Cost of Workplace Conflicts, American workers spend more than two and a half hours per week trying to resolve conflict, which translates into $359 billion in losses for U.S. companies every year, according to task management software firm AtTask.


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