A recent trip to Puerto Vallarta Mexico yielded two lessons in protecting a brand and protecting your value. Although the little locally owned store may seem miles away from the international golden arches, each had a story to tell about value.

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Marc B. Spector, Principal, Spector Group

Today’s workplace is going through a generational changing of the guard, as Baby Boomers retire and millennials, those born between 1981 – 2000, have increased to 36 percent of the work force, according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

I’m a member of the Gen X tribe and, like many other CEOs, am working to understand how to:

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Alex Raymond, CEO, Kapta

It’s time to change the way we set goals. We all create them for our companies and ourselves, hoping to reach them. Roadmap may be an overused word these days, but that’s exactly what goals are - lamps on the path to success. A company without them is a company that stagnates. So given how important they are, why is goal setting such a dry and obligatory exercise at many companies?

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Christiana Hart

For most adults, the magic of snow days disappeared right around the time the realities of working life sank in. Snow days now mean higher heating bills, exhausting shoveling, and less-than-pleasant commutes. 

But for eCommerce professionals, a fresh snowfall could bring a welcome windfall. In light of Winter Storm Damon, here are four reasons eCommerce store owners should look forward to winter weather. 

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Susan Ershler, Author, Conquering the Seven Summits of Sales: From Everest to Every Business

In 2002, while relaxing at Everest Base Camp, I fell into conversation with Dan, a fellow climber about to make his fifth attempt to reach the summit alone. Dan was determined to be completely self-sufficient, carrying all of his own gear and climbing without a guide. I wondered why anyone would take on such a huge challenge without accepting even a modicum of help. But I wished him luck and rejoined my team to prepare for our climb of the treacherous Khumbu Ice Fall, the first major obstacle on our route to the summit.


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