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Bill Tibbo, Author, Leadership in the Eye of the Storm

As a leader, no matter your business sector, product, or service, you are faced with playing a major role in helping your people heal after a critical event. While healing is a complex process, you don’t have to be a counselor or therapist to put the right structures in place. You will definitely be engaged in returning your employees and your business to a functional state after a crisis, but your expertise need only be in people-focused crisis leadership, which is, at heart, a form of organizational healing. The following lessons are enduring: there are basic approaches you need to follow before, during, and after any organizational crisis.

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Adele Sweetwood

The way we market has changed. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all campaigns, massive e-mail blasts, and measurement of direct mail  campaigns by their weight. Relying on a “spray-and-pray” approach simply won’t work anymore, because customers expect so much more from us as marketers. Customers now expect their interactions with a brand to have greater immediacy and personalization.

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Hamish Knox, Sandler Training

When you announce a change in your organization your people will split into three groups – angels, agnostics, and atheists. Those labels have nothing to do with religion.

Your angels are change champions. They’re the ones who say, “sounds great, boss. How can we help?”

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Andrew Scott, Professor, London Business School

Long run longevity trends mean that each generation on average lives for up to a decade longer than their parents. The consequence is that current 18 year olds have a more than 50% chance of living beyond 100. However, how we currently structure our career and life is still heavily based around a longevity of 70 years. This is creating a tension in the workplace that will be a growing corporate issue in the decades ahead. Dealing with this longevity, both in your own company and in your own career, will be increasingly important but can too easily be forgotten in the face of pressing short term concerns.

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1. Get in front of buyers every week.

Buyers are the people who can tell you “yes,” the people who can sign the check without getting anyone else’s approval. Identify these people through Linkedin, referrals, vendors, subcontractors, and anyone else who can help you figure out where the next job lies. Each year, make a list of those people you’d like to meet—people who can buy what you’re selling. Then, devise a plan to get in front of them.


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