The end is near: You can see 2016’s finish line on the horizon. For many teams this is “rally time,” meaning we need everyone super focused and giving their best efforts if we’re going to hit our goals.

While every team is under immense pressure to finish the year strong, far too many will fall short of success. And you can pick them out of the crowd quickly: They lack a specific focus and energy necessary to achieve the team’s purpose.

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Samuel B. Bacharach, Author, The Agenda Mover

Having a leadership pipeline is one of the core responsibilities of a CEO. It is continuity, transference, and evolution of leadership skills that sustains the organization. The question for leaders is, “What type of leaders will assure that your organization will thrive?”

One of the biggest mistakes that I made while running my company, Micrel, for 37 years was to hang on to problem employees – those who were extremely functional in producing a lot of high-quality work, but dysfunctional in the way in which they interfaced with others. 

Why is the Dysfunctional Employee So Hard to Spot?

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Lisa Messenger, Author, Daring & Disruptive

When describing the life of a CEO, ‘busy’ doesn’t cut it. Be they at the start of their business journey when every dollar counts, or helming a team of hundreds, a CEO is usually spread thinner than that precious last scrape of Nutella. Budgets, reports, legal issues, people management and operational issues make up the day, escalating as you grow. What you invest in personally becomes crucial to success and here are three things I’ve learnt not to skimp on along the way:

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Tim Brown, CEO, Nestle Waters North America

Most of my peers and I know about MBWA (management by walking around) from Tom Peters’ and Robert Waterman’s classic 1982 book, In Search of Excellence. Not too long ago, I learned the term originated at Hewlett-Packard in the 1970s, when Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard (who were insatiably curious, by the way) made it a practice to drop by employees’ workspaces to see what they were working on. 


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