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Merrick Rosenberg, Author, The Chameleon & CEO of Take Flight Learning 

What does it mean to “satisfy” a customer? A typical business executive might tell you that it means fulfilling unmet needs with a product or service. I would argue that’s only half the story. To satisfy customers, we also have to meet inner needs rooted in personality.

The four personality styles of the DISC model shed light on these intrinsic needs. Generally, people identify with one personality style or a combination of two. I represent the four styles with birds to make them easy to remember:

The scandal that recently enveloped Wells Fargo teaches an important lesson about running an ethical business. And Wells Fargo was trying to run an ethical business, despite its huge blunder. For example, Well Fargo avoided many of the pitfalls and risky investments that plagued other big banks in 2008/2009.

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Noah Fleming, Author, The Customer Loyalty Loop

Most companies believe the customer experience starts once the prospect has given you money and has become a customer. They're wrong.

The experience starts long before a prospect has ever made a purchase and continues long after that first sale is made. The customer is experiencing through every interaction with your company.

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Michael Barbolla, COO, Level Group

When I started in the real estate industry 15 years ago, my manager paired me with a more experienced broker who worked closely with me for several months. This high achiever had detailed information on the real estate industry and gave me the “low down” on how to negotiate. I was exposed on a daily basis to what success in my field looked like. That was invaluable and I’ve never forgotten how pivotal it was to my career.

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Tom Pohlmann, Head of Values and Strategy, Mu Sigma

Over the years, several studies have highlighted the shortage of data science talent in the private sector. But, what is causing this shortage? Is there not enough interest in the field, and if so, is there simply not enough clarity in available job roles to spur that interest? Or, are universities losing undergraduate talent to other disciplines?


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