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Brian Lynott, CEO, ATL Communications

For our look at the intersection of technology and business, I’m going to ask you one multiple-choice question:  Today’s typical CEO has earned their leadership training from (select one):

 A.  Business school   B.  Liberal arts   C.  Tech    D.  On the job training

Spoiler alert: “D” is a trick answer: all CEOs are continuously learning as they lead their companies into greater growth.  Setting that aside, the correct answer is “C.”

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Ruth Veloria, Executive Dean, The University of Phoenix School of Business

Essential Question: How can the CEO or business leader use data analytics to the benefit of his or her organization? How can data help inform decisions, drive customer engagement and streamline business operations beyond what we’re seeing now?

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Want to make your company a better place to work? Understanding the benefits of using humor appropriately is the first step, actualizing this knowledge the second. Here are some ways humor can help your organization become a place that the best people can do their best work—and have fun while they’re doing it:

Leadership has been the tip of everyone’s tongue of the last decade. From convention keynoters, to coaches, to political pundits, everyone insists they want a cadre of leaders to carry out their mission.

So for all the talk, techniques, training, and tips on the leadership topic, you’d think managers, executives, and professionals at all levels would have the concept down pat by now.  Not so.  A few are still off track.

Leadership Defined: It’s NOT a Position

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Greg Cappelli, CEO, Director & Chairman, Apollo Global, Inc,

They say good help is hard to find, and according to employers across the globe it’s only getting harder. The 2015 Talent Shortage Survey, recently released by ManpowerGroup, found that 38 percent of employers globally are having difficulty filling jobs. This marks not only a growth over recent years, but the highest percentage for that number since 2007.


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