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Stuart Cross, Author, First & Fast

For the past 30 years or more, business leaders have been exhorted to move faster and create more agile organizations that are better able to succeed in increasingly dynamic and unpredictable markets. But what are the behaviors, processes and strategies that are critical to lead your organization at pace without creating confusion, frustration and unnecessary risk?

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John Hornick, Author, 3D Printing Will Rock the World

One Machine Does It All

US manufacturing output has steadily increased since the end of World War II, but manufacturing jobs peaked around 1975 and have been declining ever since. This means that US manufacturers have become very efficient, making more things with fewer people. But as we lose jobs to faraway places, a big question arises: What are Americans to do for work? As I explain in my new book, 3D Printing Will Rock the World (available on Amazon or Kindle), 3D printing may be a big part of the answer to that question.

The big day was approaching. By “big day” I don’t mean election day (which can’t come soon enough) or a wedding day, I mean the Super Bowl—THE big day for sports fans. To be clear, I am not a sports aficionado but even people like me watch the Super Bowl. Not because of the game (maybe for the nachos and hot wings), but for the commercials. This year there was a special television program recapping the top 50 Super Bowl commercials over the years.

Does your organization’s professional development program offer time management courses?

How is that going for you?

If you’re like a lot of businesses, you’re probably footing a rather expensive bill for such training programs, with the expectation that employees will return with skills for working more efficiently and productively.

Unfortunately, if you’re also like a lot of businesses, you’re probably not seeing the greatest of results.

In fact, I’ve talked to many leaders who find that time management training isn’t having any impact. 

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Dr. Liz Alexander, Author, FOUND: Transforming Your Unlimited Ideas into One Sustainable Business

In April 2015, Nina Mufleh crafted a well-researched and thoughtful whitepaper outlining why Airbnb should consider expanding into the Middle East. She wasn’t yet part of their marketing team, but wanted to be. This was her audacious attempt to attract a job offer from the company. Within minutes of posting the link on Twitter, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky and CMO Jonathan Mildenhall invited her in for a chat.


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