Entrepreneurs are often touted as brave and visionary. They are admired for the foresight and willingness to change the model. To build better ways. While it is sometimes true it often times is not the case. The pressure of running your own gig leads many entrepreneurs to come from places more human and less heroic than the books like to talk about. 

Welcome to the “Feelings Economy”.

You’ve been living in it for some time now: a world where our work and home lives are driven by feelings, not intellect. 

What makes this so? According to brain science, it is the emotional side of the brain—not the rational, logical one—that tells us what is true. In other words, people feel before they think. But the emotional brain not only tells us what is true—it tells us what to do. People make decisions for emotional reasons, then justify them with rational reasons.

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Margot Dorfman, CEO, U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce

The rise of female entrepreneurship in America is akin to ‘A Tale of Two Cities.” These two “tales” are the hyped up media headlines about women-owned firms that shout about the great rise in women’s entrepreneurship versus the bottom-line “tale” of reality reflected in trillions of dollars in lost opportunities through low revenue generation.

The first day I sauntered into Miss Amos’s English class, I was scared. Not because of the subject or because this was my first day in a big city school—I was startled by her face. My first thought: Did some terrible disease do this to her?

Many business leaders resolve to jump-start their networking game in the New Year, a resolution more often than not accompanied by a vague sense of dread.

Question:  Why do so many of us dislike the concept of networking? 

Answer:  Networking has a reputation as a manipulative, self-serving, ineffectual, sleazy endeavor involving hard sells and soft cheese. 


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